total control with axonix

Build your own custom programmatic trading environment

The monetisation of first-party operator data is the entire focus of Axonix.

Working with multiple operators globally, Axonix anonymises and aligns valuable operator data sets with premium publisher inventory in real time.

With high demand for verified audience data, operators can trade data under strict compliance and privacy controls with global brands. This secures additional revenue streams in multiple markets, whilst maintaining the ownership of their data.

Generate demand for your data enrichment from day one to 200+ demand partners.

What’s in it for you?

Benefits of working with Axonix:

  • Create a privacy compliant advertising marketplace for your data where you have complete control
  • User privacy and compliance is at the forefront of the Axonix platform. Changes to user opt outs happen in near real time across all trading partners
  • Complete control over what data is passed to whom and when
  • Revenue is generated for any impression sold with your data attached
  • Technology agnostic. Works with any DSP and SSP relationship

Let us help you grow your business.

Publisher inventory is uniquely enriched with first-party data.