Axonix runs one of the worlds largest mobile first advertising exchanges. We connect over a hundred DPSs with thousands of publishers globally.

Our reach ensures that DSPs connecting with us have a transparent view on the majority of the worlds global in app supply.

Our global connections with blue chip DSPs and mobile specialists buyers provides publishers with significant revenue across the majority of ad formats including rich media and video

Our proprietary technology has been running a unified auction for over 4 years ensuring efficient trading for both the buy and sell side.

Our experience in developing products for brand focused sales teams has lead to building products and process’s to solve for issues such as brand safety, ad quality and location fraud

Our heritage as being one of the first to market in making carrier grade data transactable in the programmatic ecosystem has enabled us to understand how to deliver scalable data monetisation solutions that fuse commercial goals with the need to uphold the highest standards of compliance with regards to data regulations

We would love to better understand your business requirements and how the Axonix tech stack can help deliver on your objectives.

If you are DSP, SSP or Publisher please contact our commercial team to schedule a meeting or call. 

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