With the ever growing regulation around protecting the rights of data subjects, the supply of quality data available to marketers is becoming ever scarcer.  This should result in higher yields and revenue opportunities for data providers in a post GDPR market.

Data providers are also under more pressure to protect against data leakage. This is from both a commercial and regulatory perspective and especially within the context of programmatic trading.

Our solution is the Axonix Exchange as a service product. The ability for scaled data providers to build their own marketplaces using the Axonix platform

Creating your exchange

 Data providers can leverage our programmatic connections on both the buy and sell side to:

  1. Select existing Axonix supply partners and contract with them to bring their supply into the data provides own private ad exchange
  2. Bring their own supply partnerships into their private exchange
  3. Select from Axonix’s extensive list of demand partners who has access to buy this data from within their own private  exchange


  1. Taking ownership of the media and data side provides partners with a better view of data usage. Data can be tracked to the impressions it is sold against and delivery of impressions can be monitored in real time. This improves upon most data only reporting that is often 60 – 90 days in arrears
  2. Data providers are in “end to end” control of their data monetisation strategy. From the media it is attached to, to the buyers who have access to it.
  3. Partners are able to engage with both buyers and sellers at a strategic level to create customised long term partnerships

New Revenue Streams

  1. We work on a platform fee, this means that the data owner realises the revenue from both the data and media. This opens up greater potential with regards to creating revenue from your data monetisation strategy

If you would like more control of your data monetisation strategy we would love to schedule a meeting to better understand your needs and how we can help