We offer cross-channel, real-time and multi-territory analytics and footfall attribution reporting tools. With actionable insights into audience interaction and campaign effectiveness, they guarantee to lead to significant uplift in conversions.

  • TARGETING – Using geo-behavioural, socio-demographic, telco-verified age & gender characteristics for pre-campaign planning and re-targeting
  • ANALYTICS – For pre-campaign planning, mid or post campaign tracking and optimisation
  • PLACELIFT & PLACELIFT LIVE – For measuring impact of digital ad campaigns in real time

Our targeting and analytics solutions are underpinned by proprietary technology through a platform which identifies relationships between people and places by processing location signals built up over time.  This can also be overlaid with third party geo-indexed data such as DVLA, Census, CACI, Mastercard & Land Registry to provide the highest quality, most trusted audience data information available in market.

Full analytics and behavioural platform functionality available in UK & FR.

POI databases available in UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, MX & BR.


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