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Increase the performance of your digital ad campaigns, improve the cost of inventory or monetise your valuable CRM data with a powerful self-serve solution from Axonix.

Increase the performance of your digital advertising campaigns with Axonix’s powerful licensed location and audience intelligence platform.

With brands and agencies expecting increased accuracy and transparency from their tech partners, as well as looking to make savings along the way, taking control through the software-as-a-service model is the obvious choice.

  • Offers a simple browser-based dashboard interface.
  • Enables the creation of bespoke audiences, audience analytics, and footfall measurement and attribution.
  • Provides greater transparency to you and your clients.
  • Technology agnostic solution; works with any DSP and SSP relationship.
  • Near real-time user opt outs across all trading partners when needed.
  • Cost effective, easy-to-use solution.

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Interested to learn more?

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We’re driven by delivering value to our partners and we would love the
opportunity to help you grow your advertising and data business.

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