Determine key insights into the locations, devices and audience groups that drive performance. All our reports come with location authentication.

Our privacy compliant technology accurately describes consumer lifestyles, behaviours and interests derived from places they go.

Axonix provides analysis into audience connections, identifying significant characteristics and give brands the opportunity to communicate more effectively with customers through better understanding of their purchase journey.

We offers cross channel, real-time and multi-territory analytics and footfall attribution tools that offer actionable insights into audience interaction and campaign effectiveness guaranteed to lead to significant uplift in conversions and lower CPA.

There’s no better way for premium publishers, ad networks and operators to boost volumes, maximize mobile ad revenues with your own oRTB enabled mobile advertising exchange.

Eliminate the need to invest in technology by scaling and trading your data compliantly – with complete control – across our mobile ad buying ecosystem either through a managed service option or via our Platform as a Service/White label offerings.


Flexible. Dynamic. Driven. And fully independent, so we’re on your side.


Access 350 million mobile contract subscribers globally.


Our operator relationships ensure that the data is both rich and accurate with over two trillion data points processed yearly.


Our tech has been designed for mobile advertising and is flexible and customisable meaning your ads or campaigns can take full advantage of our specialist expertise.

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We take the protection of privacy rights of data subjects very seriously.

The GDPR comes into effect May 25, 2018, this new EU-wide privacy law expands the privacy rights granted to EU citizens and will introduce large-scale changes to the way that organisations collect, process and use EU consumer data for marketing and advertising purposes.

Many functions of the digital advertising sector will come under the consideration of the GDPR with personalised communications, targeted advertising, aggregating analytics to create reports and track ad performance, post-click tracking and audience measurement all likely to fall within the scope of the Regulations.

Important changes have been made to consumer consent which will need to be unambiguous both in terms of permission as well as purpose and it must be given freely and specifically. It applies to any organisation that processes EU consumer data, regardless of where they are based and puts a strong emphasis on consumer control of the uses of their personal data.

At Axonix we recognise the new Regulation extends liability to the data processor as well as the controller for what happens back in the digital supply chain with compliance incentivised by the introduction of a significant fines.  As a company we have a history of proven compliance.  We have always maintained our own internal policies and measures that promote data protection by design and data protection by default together with adherence to all approved industry codes of conduct.  Additionally, having a telecommunications company for a parent – historically a highly regulated sector –  means we already work under the strictest data protection governance.

We welcome the GDPR as an important step forward in streamlining data protection requirements across the EU.

Part of the compliance effort will require close collaboration between Axonix, its partners and customers. We are on a path to ensure all Axonix products and services will comply with the Regulations prior to its implementation in May 2018.

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